Line-up for Test Systems


Compact Analog mixed signal IC test system

WTS-89 was made using WTS-700 base of technology and which concept is for testing Power device that these device are recently attract attention for GREEN Technology and for the electric vehicle, such as controller for LITHIUM ION Battery, that available test resources like High-Voltage(2000V) or High current(500A). In add, the test system available for not only analog tests, but also digital tests seamlessly.
The test system can integrate maximum Four test station, and each station works simultaneous and Asynchronously with using optimized resources (shared resource) programmed timing. Therefore, the system has the function that can test different types of IC with different timing (simultaneously), which function effectively utilize with all of integrated resources, and save energy too.
This system is improving your factory’s efficiency in capital investment, due to simple board configuration architecture well support for not only mass-production, but small-volume production step too.

Product Specification

Support Device Product Specification
Digital 50MHz、16V
VI-Source APMU ±60V/±250mA
LAPMU ±60V/±25mA
MPPU2612 ±200V/±100mA、±20V/±1.5A、±5V/±10A(Pulse)
MPPU2602 ±40V/±1A、±6V/±3A、±20V/±10A(pulse)
HVU ±2000V/±30mA
MPS6010 ±60V/±10A、±30V/±30A
HCU300 300A/20V
Time measure
- Input bandwidth, Input range, resolution
Features − Parallel Station/site testing technology (Async) is released the industry’s first
 by WTS-89 (Patent)
 Different devices test can be run at each stations or sites,
 and the multi station/site can be available 2,4,8 in one WTS-89.
− Control software : ProteusTM
 ・Microsoft Windows base of platform
 ・VB.NET environment
 ・Available abundant GUI tools, debug tools and data Analysis tools
 ・Remote network support available.