Line-up for Test Systems


LCD/PDP/OLED Driver IC Test System

WTS-577 is designed with latest architecture and optimized for FPD(Flat Panel Display) Driver IC testing.
It has the features of high performance, low price and small footprint, not only for voltage output LCD and PDP Driver IC, but also for current output OLED Driver IC testing.
It was also realized low power consumption about max 3KVA with the condition of 200V, 256 IO PIN and 1536 LCD PIN.

Product Specification

Device to test LCD/PDP/OLED Driver IC
Parallel Testing MAX 32 devices
Digital I/O Normal 250MHz, High speed 1Gpbs, 1.6Gbps
Normal 256PIN (max 512PIN), High speed 8 pair, 5pair
Driver Output Judgement ±8V ±20V ±60V
Standard 2304PIN (MAX 3072PIN)
OLED Output Judgement Available (Option)
Digitizer Resolution 16Bit, Perpin
Feature High performance,
Low price,
Small footprint,
Low power consumption.