Line-up for Test Systems


High-end CCD/CIS Test System

The WTS-311NX is based on WTS-311. We added logic test functions to the system and strengthened the functions such as test frequency, pixcel data acquisition , parallel testing function, high-speed data transfer, image processing and so on.

Product Specification

Device to test High-end CCD, CMOS image sensor
Parallel Testing MAX 4 devices
Digital I/O 200MHz, MAX 256PIN
Drive Voltage -1.5V to +6.5V
PerPin Source and Meter ±60V/±250mA 24ch, ±60V/±25mA 24ch
Image Data Capture Analog 80MHz, Digital 200MHz MAX 16ch, 384M pixel data/ch
Serial Image Data Capture Available for custom LVDS protocol, 1Gbps(Max 2.3Gbps)/Lane, x64Lanes