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Organic EL / LCOS array / CCD / CMOS imagesensor Inspection equipment
Digital output CIS Inspection equipment
  Analog mixed-signal IC Inspection equipment
LCD/PDP/organic EL driver IC inspection equipment
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WTS-311 LCD/OLED/LCOS Array/CCD/CIS Test System

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WTS-311 The latest Full Spec Test System for OLED, LCD, LCOS, CCD, CMOS Image Sensor (CIS). We strengthened the function vastly, such as testing frequency, parallel testing function, pixcel data acquisition and so on, to meet the testing requirement for the device trend in the future.
Device to test : OLED, LCD, LCOS, CCD, CIS, LCD VGA - UXGA
( Full pins or Block Probing )
Measurement Form :

CDS, DCS Available: Digital Integration

Treatment Form :

By the Image Processing. 4 times faster than ever

Drive Pattern and Frequency :

DC to 80MHz

Drive Voltage :

-10.24v - +20.47v

Acquisition :

Max 8ch(covers 16 devices in max), 380M pixel data/ch

DC Parametric Test :

Pin Continuity Test, Shift Resister Test,
Per Pin Voltage Margin Test, Leakage Test, etc.

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