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Aug.1993 : Established Wintest by president Shouji Nara.
(Capital 3,000,000yen)
Dec.1994 :

WTS-101A α-TFT test system released.

Jun.1995 :

WTS-103C CCD/LCD test system released.
(First test system over 40MHz, 8M pixels in market)

Jul.1995 :

Changed to stock corporation.
(Capital 10,000,000yen)

Jul.1996 :

LTPS LCD/LCOS test system WTS-103C shipped.

May.1999 :

Capital increased to 40,000,000yen.
WTS-211 CCD/LCD test system released.

Mar.2000 :

Started overseas (Korea, Taiwan) sales.

Jul.2000 :

Filed patent application for OLED test.

Nov.2000 :

Capital increased to 235,000,000yen by venture capital.

Oct.2001 :

Shipped OLED test system (first in market)

Mar.2002 :

First LTPS LCD test system shipped to Taiwan.

Jun.2003 :

Patent for OLED test registered.

Sep.2003 :

IPO at Tokyo Stock Market, Capital increased to 512,000,000yen.

Sep.2003 :

WTS-311 OLED/LCD/LCOS/CCD/CIS Test System released.

Aug.2005 :

WTS-700 Analog Mixed Signal IC test system released.

Jul.2006 :

OLED test system shipped overseas.

Dec.2007 :

WTS-347 CIS test system released.

Apr.2008 :

Capital increased to 997,100,000yen.

Dec.2008 :

WTS-750/WTS-800 Analog Mixed Signal IC test system released.

Mar.2009 : HVU(2000V/30mA), HCU(500A/20V) Option for WTS-700/750/800 released.
Dec.2009 : WTS-577 FPD Driver IC test system released.
Dec.2010 :

WTS-311NX, WTS-377 CCD/CMOS image sensor test system released.

May.2013 :

LCD Driver IC test system shipped to Taiwan.

Oct.2014 :

CMOS Image Sensor Test System shipped to China.

Dec.2014 :

Tokyo Stock Market: changed from MOTHERS to Second Section.

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